Happy Full Moon!

The Guidance this week is to simplify your daily routine.  Bring it back to Basics.  If you haven’t already, begin with the physical.  Organic foods, clean water, exercise, and regular solid sleep.

They are showing me two different cards that focus on breath.  A large portion of the collective has a high amount of anxiety at this time.  Please understand not everything is as it seems.  It is important to ground, and bring your focus back into your body when your mind starts to run away with you.  You are safe.

My Guides are saying many people are worried about finances.  While we do need to maintain ourselves here on Earth, they ask that you accept the gifts of the Universe!  All you need to do is align yourself.

Ascension symptoms are strong this week!  You may still feel the solar plexus symptoms which include stomach aches and pains.  This week it may be felt more in our head space with head pressure or headaches.

The collective may have a difficult time processing what is in the near future.  That is why we need to make sure we are doing the self work and staying balanced.

Incorporating more JOY into our days will help us!!!!  Bring out your inner child and let him or her have fun 🙂

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As Always I’m Sending You So Much Love & Light,