Happy Monday!

The Guidance this week is very specific.

There is a good amount of the Collective that is in conflict with themselves.  Get out of your headspace, and bring it back into your gut feelings.  Let your Intuition guide you, and not your fears.  Ask your angels for help!  They are there ready and waiting.

Some people are struggling with the Frequency difference within their Romantic Relationship.  You are not alone.  However, for a group of you, you feel stuck now.  You feel the heavy weight of that energy and you need a change.  Follow your Guides.  They are always communicating with you, you just need to hear them.

The Collective needs to significantly ground at this time.  I’m talkin bare feet in the dirt hugging trees kind of grounding!  Your body needs it.  Our physical selves are processing SO much right now.  Give yourself the space it needs to do so.  Listen when your body tells you it needs something.  Allow extra downtime to rest so your body can handle everything.

There are significant financial changes ready to be rolled out to the globe.  This has been a log time coming, and has involved SO much detail.  Please be patient.  We are almost there.

Ascension symptoms may be felt in the Heart space this week.  That means heavy feelings in your chest, heart palpitations etc.  Barring any serious medical conditions, this is commonly felt at this time.


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