Happy Monday!

The Angels are sharing the message of how important Joy and Laughter are!  You cannot raise your frequency without it.  Bring that into your lives now.  It is OK to feel Joy and happiness, even under harsh circumstances.  In fact, that is how it was supposed to be all along.  We have only been conditioned to believe that it is not appropriate to live within a Joyful state.  Call on your Joy guides if you need help.  They are ready and waiting.

For the Awakened souls doing the inner work, you must clear the past.  Let go of anything that is not in the vibration of which you are trying to reach.  If you have stuck energy, it is important to let those feelings up to be addressed.  Your guides are saying you need to look at them head on and make changes accordingly.  This is how we let go and move forward without those burdens.  They must be released now.  This will clear the path for the next phase of your Ascension Journey.

The Collective’s Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras are purging now.  We are experiencing MASSIVE Power Lessons!  These are the colors orange and yellow.  You may experience discomfort in your bladder or reproductive areas of the body.  For Power Lessons, you will feel stomach discomfort, pains in the stomach, the need to use the bathroom more frequently, nausea, or changes in appetite.

These are soul lessons.  Will you stand up and stay in your power?  Or will you back down?  This determines your Ascension journey.  We must do the work.  There is no way around this.  Now is the time!

I see many of you breaking free of old bonds that had you chained within the matrix.  Keep moving forward!  You’re right where you are supposed to be, even if you feel alone.  Know you are not.  Know you are protected and so loved Magical Soul.

We are watching the old world vanish before our very eyes.  Can you feel it?  Do you know it?

New Earth is ready to go.  Are you ready to step into your mission?


As Always, I’m Sending So Much Love & Light,