Happy Fall!

This week you are being asked to Focus on your Spirituality.  Speak your truth and share your excitement about it!  Do not let others who are not on their Ascension Journey, at the moment, bring you down!

Spread Kindness.  Angel numbers this week they show me 555.

Continue to focus on your physical body.  Listen to what it’s saying it needs.  Clean water, organic foods, extra sleep, and moderate exercise.

I feel a group of the Collective is quite anxious.  Ground often.  Take walks outside in the sunshine!  When you feel your mind running away from you, bring your focus back to breath.  Center yourself.  Meditate!

Many of you are on your Healing Journey now.  Facing the ‘shadow’ side takes courage and a lot of work.  Call upon Archangel Raphael for assistance during this process.  Add green gems into your life!

As I explained in my Live this week, the Collective just had a HUGE leap in consciousness!  Some may not know what it is, but they can feel it.  Many physical changes are to follow now.  Patience is important.  You are safe.

Remember, YOU are the creator.  YOU are the Magician.  If there is something that needs to change, it is up to YOU to make that happen.  Yes, the physical realm requires action.  However, it begins with your mind.  What frequency are you manifesting from?  Love or Fear?


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Sending so much Love & Light to you,


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