Happy Monday!

On an Individual level, this weeks energy is quite intense.  We are experiencing a Heart Chakra expansion, so you will feel it to a degree in your chest.  All of our upper chakras are upgrading right now.  This may bring waves of anxiety or restlessness, heart palpitations, throat pressure or irritation, head and eye pressure or feeling spacey, and extra fatigue.  Vivid dreams are also common.  Our bodies are trying to integrate a higher level of consciousness at this time.  Go easy on yourself!  Listen to your body and what it’s asking for.  Continue to drink extra water and get as much sleep as possible.

For the Collective, you will be able to see the polarization of people rather quickly.  People are not able to ‘hide’ anymore, as the intensity of the Light coming in will not let them.  So be aware of the energy around you now.  Is it of a higher vibration, or a lower vibration?  How do you feel around certain people, or places?  Follow your Intuition on it.  If something feels off, step back.  That is necessary for you to keep your energy balanced.

Focus more on YOU!  If you feel yourself veering off, keep bringing your energy and focus back to you.

I am available for Individual Intuitive Readings.  You can book one here on the website!

Sending So Much Love & Light To You