Happy October! 

What an intense week!  Many many changes are upon us now!  Expect many of Technology issues across the board.  This is due to our heightened vibration.  As Earth further Ascends, we must shake off any and all Technology systems that are not aligned with this elevated frequency.  Expect this on and off all week as this is the start.

Physical Ascension Symptoms Include:  Extreme fatigue, headaches, head pains, head pressure, third eye pressure, throat pressure, chest pressure, extreme thirst, sinus symptoms, vivid dreams.  Ground through this!

Your soul is at the point in this Ascension where you are being asked to decide.  Will you Ascend further on your journey here on Earth?  The choice is yours.  You must use your Intuition now.  Let go of any anxieties that stem from fear.  They are not necessary or helpful to you.

Boundaries are a huge message this week from our Angels.  Do not allow anyone OR anything that is not in a high vibration to pull from your energy.  Remember, you have the power!  This is why clearing, cleansing, and grounding your energy are so important.  Do these daily!  This is how you maintain balance for yourself.

Solitude is crucial.  Spending time in your own energy allows you to really get to know yourself.  It is necessary for your souls growth and evolution to understand who you truly are.  Without this, you cannot learn or understand.  It also introduces you to your Guides and Higher self’s communication.  Which in turn, allows you to be Divinely Guided.  Do you see how this works?

They are showing me the Healing Chaos card.  This means at times everything needs to be picked up, rearranged, and placed back down, in order for true healing and change to occur.  Expect this now.  Both as a Collective, and as Individuals.  Ground during this process, and be in the Universal flow!


Sunday’s class, October 10th at 6:00 PM CST, we will cover the “how to” of Meditation at home, Guided Meditation Channeled by myself, and Individual Readings!  If you have not signed up already, please do send an email before we close the class!  Admin@holisticlivingpractice.com

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As Always I send so much Love & Light to you,