Happy Monday!

This weeks energy is asking us to ‘Let Go’.  Release anything and everything that is no longer serving your Higher Self.  This includes 3D attachments.  With the 10/10 portal energy, we MUST release to bring balance back.  What are you still holding onto that needs to be addressed?  We must Learn to be creative now.  Be flexible.

You may still feel Ascension symptoms in your Upper Chakras, from Heart Space to Head Space.  Grounding will help with this!  Get extra sleep and drink plenty of clean water now.  Be mindful of your energy field.  Listen to your body.  Follow the Moon cycle and do your release letters then.

Seeking Solitude is a priority now for the Collective.  We need to be in touch with our own energy and our Higher Selves.  How else can this be possible if we are not alone?  Follow your own Intuition.  It is there for a reason!  Stand in your power!  

For those who have willingly given their power away, they may feel it significantly in their Solar Plexus Chakra now.  Stomach upset, pains, and nausea are possible physical symptoms to follow.  These individuals stand at a fork in the road.  Wake up and Ascend… or go a different route.

Humanity just had a huge leap in consciousness!  Within this new frequency, everything is manifesting at an Accelerated speed.  Which means whatever frequency you reside in, you will manifest from.  Quickly.  Set your intentions well dear souls.

Spiritual Strength is necessary at this time.  Learn all you can!  Read plenty of books, take classes, and educate yourself on what’s really been going on.  I assure you, we are ending a major cycle this month.  Heaven on Earth is on its way!

As always, I’m sending so much Love & Light,


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