Happy Monday!

We are entering a new phase of the Great Awakening!  Remember to breathe and center yourself if you are feeling anxious.  Seek Solitude.  Meditate.  Ground.  These will all keep you out of your head space and balanced.  Balance is key.

Your angels are reminding you to bring it back to basics.  Clean water, organic foods, exercise, and extra rest.  Our physical bodies are upgrading now.  We are shifting from Carbon to Crystalline.  Our DNA structures are being reconfigured.  Please understand the magnitude of this Great Awakening!  It affects our physical selves, our minds, our emotions, and our souls.  There is more going on than I am able to type here.  Listen to your body!  What does it tell you it needs?  Rest? Sleep? New way of eating?  Movement?  Fun?  Pay attention and listen to its guidance.

Archangel Metatron is here aiding us with our Third Eye Chakra.  You may be experiencing physical symptoms this week in your head and eyes.  Call upon him and Archangel Michael if the symptoms become too much.

We are being asked to have patience.  There is SO much happening within our Earth space, and around it, at this time.  Everything happens in Divine Order now.  Do not rush, or push, something if it is not coming together the way you think it should.  This means the Universe prefers another way.  Trust it and Let Go.

Some of you are still fearful of what is happening around you.  There is no need.  Give that up to the angels and move forward!

Angel numbers this week 444 or 4444.

Sending You So Much Love & Light,


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