Happy Monday!

This weeks energy is focusing on Visualization Techniques!  The collective is too much in their headspace and not following enough Intuition.  Manifestation is at a very fast rate now!  We need to make sure we are actively raising our frequency, so we manifest from a higher vibration.  The universe will respond to whichever frequency field and manifest accordingly.  Keep that in mind.

Let Go!  A portion of the Collective is still holding onto the 3D.  It is critical to get yourself out of that 3D space now.  Your timeline depends on it.  If you are unsure what I am referring to, please watch my Instagram/YouTube Videos.

The Universe will wipe what is no longer serving you right out of your life at this time.  Allow it.  Do not resist the changes.  This means it is no longer a vibrational match to your frequency.  “Out with the old and in with the new”.  We need to make room for new experiences and dynamics now.

Archangel Michael is reminding us all to call upon him to cut toxic cords from your energy field.  Salt baths for clearing.

Ascension symptoms may still be felt in the upper chakras as our crowns and third eyes are expanding.  Stay grounded.

Lots of decisions to make!  Which way will you go?  Do you have the courage and strength to follow your heart, and not your head?


Sending Much Love and Light,


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