Happy Monday!

This weeks energy brings intense purging!  We are releasing and healing within all four major bodies.  The new energy within mother earth no longer allows us to hide from the shadows.  We must face it head on.

Those running from their Ascension Journey may indeed be angry and deflect, become physically ill, or mentally unwell at this time.  They do not understand what is happening within and around them both energetically and physically.  They refuse to look at themselves.  They do not do the self work, which means their frequency does not rise.  Many of them have a lower frequency than Mother Earth itself now.  One cannot remain in this space with that vibration.

The rest of us on our Ascension Journey may be feeling intense upgrades!  We may feel pressure in the headspace, headaches, head pains, ear pain, ear pressure, ringing in the ears, throat irritation, intense and/or lucid dreaming, and interrupted sleep.  Please continue to do the energy work.  Rest and Rejuvenate when needed.  This is how you keep yourself balanced.  Transformations are happening on multiple levels!  Things are manifesting at a very fast rate still, so be mindful!

Please call on your Angels when you need an extra boost, or could use the help!  They are always with us.  

A good portion of the Collective has decisions to make.  This has been coming up for weeks in my Collective reads.  Be mindful and observant I’m hearing.

Abundance is coming for Humanity as a whole.  We will all feel a sense of relief.  Continue to picture the end result in your mind.  It is incredibly powerful!

Above all else, remain in your power!

As always, sending so much Love & Light,



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