Happy Monday!

Holy upgrades this week!  Humanity is integrating some very intense physical upgrades.  A big part of the collective is still purging old stuck energy.  The combination of these two can feel quite harsh!

Physical symptoms to look out for this week include:  headaches, dizziness, sinus issues, throat irritation for clear communication, stomach upset, nausea, stomach pains, appetite changes, heavy chest, aches and pains throughout the body, extreme fatigue, extreme thirst, lucid dreaming, sleep disruption, and mood swings.  This is all a part of it.  Your body is processing SO very much at this time and needs all the TLC!

Please call upon your Healer Guides for help.  I see many of you are dealing with heartache and/or a recent separation from a partner.  Wear green and pink gems to aid the heart chakra.  Do the Spiritual work!  Your angels are always by your side assisting you.  Don’t forget that!

“Decisions decisions”, I hear.  A portion of the Collective is in need of standing up in their power.  They have given it away in some form and NEED to reclaim it.

Follow your Heart!  What is it telling you?  Get out of your headspace and more into your Intuition.  You can do it!

Communities like ours are incredibly necessary now.  Follow, share, and speak with those who align with your frequency.  We step forward shortly to lead the way!

As always, I’m sending so much Love and Light,



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