Happy December!

Oh, what a week!

With the eclipse energy now, this week will indeed shake up all that doesn’t align with your current frequency.  Trust the universe.  Be in the flow.  Breath work is excellent to practice this week, as anxiety can be elevated.  Yoga or walking is also a great way to keep grounded during this.

If you have not started your visualization techniques, now is the time.  The collective must envision new earth and keep those thoughts front and center in your mind!  Doing that inner work is your decision to Ascend.  Keep going!

My throat chakra is a bit blocked as I type, so some of you are still not speaking your full truth or creating strong enough boundaries.  This is a lesson your soul chose to accomplish in this life.  You can do this.  

You can expect all of the very same Ascension symptoms as last week’s update.  Fatigue, heavy chest, and flu like symptoms taking center stage.  Keep your energy clear, drink plenty of water, and herb up!  It will only help your physical body adjust.

Practice Gratitude and appreciation each and every day.  It is such a strong part of your Awakening Journey!


Dear souls, you are at the verge of major physical shifts now.  Although some will take more time to get into place, we are there.  Please understand nothing is as it appears on a global scale.  You are safe.  What’s coming around the world is nothing like you’ve ever seen.  It will be difficult to get your heads around how it moves.  Trust.  The next year will be filled with new ways of working technology.  You will see new systems worldwide.  The USA leads, with all to follow.  Be patient.  That is all for now.     

Channeled By Alyssa


As always, I’m sending so much Love and Light,



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