Happy 12/12 Portal!

Emotions are running high this week!  Many are still purging, physical upgrades are taking place, Earth’s energy has shifted significantly, and new changes are upon us.  Stay grounded and keep your energy field clear!

The angels are saying we all need downtime in order to fully process and absorb everything happening.  Rest, relax, drink extra water, and meditate.  All of that helps keep us balanced during the many transitions occurring now, and in the near future.  Put up boundaries for anyone and anything that is pulling your vibration down.  Clear your energy with Archangel Michael and keep your distance from whatever is not aligned.  Otherwise, you will continue to feel drained, and it will begin to disrupt your physical body.  That may require a life change.  Follow your heart AND your intuition.  You already know what you need to do.

Archangel Metatron is assisting you in opening up your third eye.  You may notice yourself seeing things out of the corner of your eye, thinking you’re hearing things, or having very specific dreams.  Take notes on thoughts that pop into your head, or dreams you have.  They are your guides and higher self communicating with you!  What is it saying?

The collective has tapped into their inner warrior spirit!  We are aware, awake, and in our power.  Nothing can stop what’s coming now.


Some of you have low Vitamin D levels.  Spend more time in the Sun to absorb it’s new healing properties!  Ascension symptoms for all of humanity are incredibly intense!  Upper chakras are opening which may feel like dizziness, spaciness, head twinges or headaches, head pressure, third eye pressure and throat pressure with purging. Full body symptoms may include stomach aches, muscles aches and cramping, back pain, foot cramping, extreme fatigue, and extreme thirst.  Listen to your body and give it what it needs to get through this!

This week we may see some disruptions within systems or communication of some kind.  Follow your inner guidance and use discernment.

I am also getting that a male energy will come forward and lead the collective into the new financial system.  Eyes open, something big is in the air!

I’m sending so much Love and Light,


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