Happy Winter Solstice!

Tomorrow is officially Winter!  December 20th-22nd brings the peak of the Solstice Energy!  This means BIG internal shifts and massive collective awakenings.  Those on their Ascension Journey are being asked to stand strong!  Humanity needs your Light and your soul’s strength now.

The collective is purging past life trauma.  You may feel it in your throat chakra, and/or any symptoms associated with the exit of that lifetime.  Call upon your Healer Guides to assist you.  Wear green gems, eat green foods, and take salt baths to clear your energy.  If you are feeling anxious in this process, remember to breathe and ground.

Some of you are very sensitive to the moon and planet energies.  It only amplifies what is out of balance within you.  Meditate and ask your angels for guidance.  If you are having trouble, I am available for Private Individual Readings.

Humanity as a whole is waking up in big waves with this week’s energy!  We will enter 2022 with an entirely different energy field.  Get ready for it!

Ascension symptoms are even more intense than last week!  You will feel it mainly in your upper chakras.  In addition to that, you may feel body aches or muscle pains, stomach upset or nausea, appetite changes, particular food cravings, extreme fatigue, extreme thirst, itchy skin, and vivid dreams.  Follow your body’s direction.

Your intuition will become clearer with this energy.  Third eye and crown chakras are expanding big time!  Keep yourself balanced by allowing alone time.  You can handle it!

Merry Christmas to All!



Don’t forget to sign up for December’s Meditation Class next week!