Happy Monday!

I’m hearing that Humanity is Spiritually Evolving at a Rapid Pace.  

The collective continues to see through deceit, which is bringing out anxiety for many.  Stay grounded!  This is incredibly important during this shift.  Go for walks, stand in the grass, or sit outside for a bit.  Our bodies need the energy of Mother Earth.

Karmic relationships, of any kind, are surfacing for the lessons they bring.  Ask yourself what aren’t you seeing in that dynamic?  What needs to change?  Do you need to stand your ground and walk away?  Learning from this is needed in order to personally and spiritually grow.  In addition, If you find yourself in the same circumstances, with different players, then you need to ask yourself what YOU need to change.   Starting a new foundation makes way for higher vibrational people to enter your life.  Each step brings you closer to your soul’s mission.

Let go of fear, it’s only in your head.

As always, your Spirit Guides and Angels are here to help.  Don’t forget to ask!


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Sending So Much Love & Light To You