Happy 2022!

The first week of the new year feels very intense!  There is an emotional purge happening on a mass scale.  We are being asked to remain in our Light and power.  A portion of the collective still stuck in their headspace and trapped in fear will be shaken.  This is the last opportunity to face themselves.  Tides are turning.

Make sure you are clearing your energy daily, as the air is incredibly intense.  Always follow your Intuition!  Let thoughts pass through your head and into your heart space.  Let that feeling lead you.  Protect your energy using the white light exercise we’ve talked about.  Sage and clear your space too!

Ascension symptoms are strong!  Some of you have what we call “Ascension Flu”, but you think you are physically ill.  Please understand the difference.  Ascension symptoms come and go and can be felt all over the body.  They can be balanced with energy work. (Please consult a Physician if you are concerned.) 

Humanity will all Learn soon I am hearing.  Something is coming to sift and shift.  If you are in your Light, you are protected.  Hang on as I see January being chaotic.  We can handle this 😉

Much Love,




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