Happy 1-11 Portal!

Ascension Symptoms are intense this week!  Fatigue is a big one.  Rest when you feel tired, and make sure you are getting enough sleep at night.  Cleanse your energy with salt.  Clear your energy field with Archangel Michael.  I have been doing a lot of energy work this past week.  If you feel you need help, please set up a Private Reading where I also do Healing Sessions if needed.  

Physical Symptoms may include fatigue, head pressure, vertigo, sinus issues, neck pain, throat pressure, heavy chest, stomach discomfort, back pain, random aches throughout your body, itchy skin, and dehydration.  Please listen to your body!

Prayer and Meditation are very important going forward.  We need to ask our angels and surrender to the universe for help.  This is key.

With Ascension comes a heightened sense of Intuition.  Use this when dealing with people, or when you hear “news”.  Nothing is as it seems, and your Intuition is your compass.  Your Guides are always there directing you.  Truths are being revealed like never before!  We must be patient with this energy we are in.  Patient not only with others and the world, but with ourselves.

Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D, in one way or another.  It is crucial for our bodies during this process!

2022 is the Year of Action and Courage.  It is the year of the Tiger.  ALL of Humanity needs to RISE UP now.  The Universe is supporting you!

Much Love,



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I am available for Private Readings and Healing Sessions!