Happy Full Moon!

Ascension Updates are still incredibly strong!  Nausea, headaches, itchy skin, and dehydration will be felt the most.  Clear your energy and ground every single day.

With the Full Moon, it’s a good time to do a burn and release letter to your angels!  It is also the perfect time to set new intentions for yourself.  Write down whatever you need to and read it often to stay focused.  This is also the time to get organized.  Declutter your home and workspace.  Get rid of anything that is not serving your higher self and donate items to those in need.  Not only would you be helping others, but it sends energy out into the universe that circles back around to you.

Claim your boundaries this week and have clear communication doing so.  YOU are in charge of you.  Don’t forget that!  Use your Intuition with everything that comes your way!  Once you practice this often enough, it becomes natural.  Very important. 

Patience is needed with this week’s energy.  Our crown chakras are opening and taking in a ton of Light high frequency energy!  This may make us feel a bit off balance, so please stay grounded.  Abundance for the Collective is headed our way!

I see an ending to a cycle, both physically and emotionally.  Humanity is very vulnerable at this time.  Our Intuition keeps us out of harm’s way.  We are protected by universal energy, and off world assistance, right now.  I see, feel, and listen to them surrounding our planet.  There is an energy transfer happening.  It is strong!  Continue to use your visualization techniques.

Lightworkers, Starseeds, and awakened ones are doing an awesome job of holding space for the globe!  You should be proud of yourself.  Keep going, we are in this together!  I am here to Guide you all through it.

Much Love,


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