Happy Monday!

Do you feel the powerful shifts taking place right now?  On a global scale, we the people have stepped into our power like never before.  How exciting to be a part of this transformation!  Our angels want us to know that nothing will be the same going forward, gratefully.  So much clean up happening as we speak.  We will be informed when complete.

You are being asked to follow your Intuition, sharpen your skills, and stand firmly in your Light.  You’ve trained for this stage, Dear Lightworkers, so don’t think you can’t handle it!  We must let go of all toxic 3D attachments, including ways of being, and thinking.  Systemically, nothing is running as it should.  We will see a complete transformation beyond our wildest imaginations.  Stay patient.  Clear the past and make way for what’s to come!

Remember, YOU are the Boss.  YOU are the creator.  The Collective has all the power.

What do you Love?  What brings you Joy?  Your angels would like you to connect more with the Lighter side of life.  If you are unsure, then it’s essential to spend some time to yourself everyday so you can focus on that.  What are you drawn to?  What makes your Inner Child happy?  Go There.

Between the Ascension Energy and the Intense shifts I see, we will still feel strong physical symptoms.  Ears ringing, dizziness, and extreme thirst are big ones this week!  Clear your energy daily and stay grounded!

Expect the unexpected.


Much Love,



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