Happy February!

This feels like a big energy week to me!

The 2/2/22 portal is Wednesday.  Low vibrational soul contracts are ending.  This brings Karmic balance and new beginnings.  It is amplified by Earth’s Ascension Energy, which is very rapid at this moment.  Then we have Mercury Ending Retrograde on February 3rd.  This ends issues with technology and communication.  Combined, this is a great time to close out the past and move forward.  The Universal Energy supports everything within a higher vibration at this time.

Continue to raise your frequency now!  Stand in your power, no matter the arena.  Meditate.  If you’re ready, step into your mission work.  If you are feeling stuck, I am available during a private reading to help!

Visualization techniques are so powerful now!  Picture how you want the world, and your life, to look.  Don’t worry about the how’s, that’s up to the universe.

Physical Ascension symptoms will continue.  It does depend on where you’re at on your journey.  Some may feel it more than others, which is ok.  If it is too much for you, do not forget to clear, cleanse, and ground yourself.  

Many of you are asking questions and inquiring about information that can be found in our Coaching Packages.  Please check them out!  We created it for this time, to help guide the collective with as much truthful information as possible.  If you have any questions, please email.

Above all else, Laugh 🙂

Much Love,