Happy Monday!

There is something big shifting around the world, both energetically and physically.  As we continue to witness the crumbling of the old systems, it is easy to get caught up within mixed energies.  Please clear and shield your energy every single day.  Use your intuition before reacting or replying.  Be mindful of triggers.  Continue to focus on raising your vibration.  Remember how crucial frequency is going forward!

The Door to Spirit is wide open!  The veil is very thin, and guidance is coming in stronger than ever.  Use this.  

Call on your angels and runner guides for help with anything.  They are ready and waiting!  All you need to do is ask.

Globally, we have a lot of movement at such a rapid pace.  As Gaia continues to Ascend, so will we.  Which means that anything not aligned in these Higher energies must go.  The Universe will NOT support low frequencies from here on out!

I see the Collective having anxiety around finances this week.  There is no need to ‘worry’.  Put your visualization techniques to the test.

The energy is incredibly strong right now and there is an intensity to it.  It will be felt differently depending on your frequency.  The Higher your vibration, the Lighter you will feel.  You have also been the first to receive this amazing energy!  If you are residing within a lower vibration, or even a neutral space, you will feel the intensity and it will disturb your energy field.  How you manage is solely up to you, dear souls.

Humanity will be victorious!  Don’t lose sight of that.  WE are helping create the world we want.  The question is, which Frequency field are you creating from?


Much Love,


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