Happy Valentine’s Day!

Treat yourself today!  The Angels Guidance for us is having downtime, salt baths, and letting joy in.

This week’s energy is quite interesting.  Lightworkers may feel very drained right now.  We are doing SO much energy work!  Our bodies are upgrading, and we are integrating massive amounts of Light.  Get extra sleep and drink plenty of alkaline water!

The Guidance I am getting is to discern which energy is yours, and what is not.  Make sure to clear and shield your energy DAILY!  

Quite specifically, I feel a good portion of the collective will need to take a break, or free themselves, from certain relationships.  This could be romantic, or not.  The frequency is too different, and it is a causing a drain on your field.  Please follow your own guidance on this.  Many are making decisions from their ego and not their higher self.  This will cause harsher soul lessons, so be mindful.

I’m getting the message that Humanity as a whole will be learning of certain ‘worldly occurrences’, we’ll say.  There is a unique way those people will be brought to Justice.  The energy of this is so strong this week, it is certainly possible We the People hear of it.  MANY global shifts are right around the corner.  All of these have so many great outcomes for humanity, so don’t attach worry or fear to it.  Keep your thought process clear.

Last, but never least, don’t forget to LAUGH!

Much Love and Light,