Happy Monday!

This week’s energy may feel a bit draining for some.  Energetically, Earth is at a much higher frequency than humanity is used to.  This means a portion of the collective are being highly triggered!  Their ego can simply be triggered by opposite energy.  This is on them, not you.  Awakened souls are being asked to spread truthful information around.  Drop seeds.  Speak your truth and leave it at that.  Stand in your Light!  It’s time for the sleepers to wake!  Their vibration will need to rise in order to reside within Mother Earth’s frequency going forward.  Wake up wake up!

Karmic balance is being restored for all.  We must be patient during this entire transformation.  Focus on yourself!  Do your everyday shadow work, practice gratitude, follow your own intuition, meditate, and laugh!  All of this will raise your frequency, which is key.  

Please remember that there is energy you could possibly be feeling that is not yours.  It is important to clear your energy field daily.  If you need help with that, I am available for private readings!

Another message I was getting for this week was to be Joyful!  Connect with your Inner child.  Do things you loved doing as a child.  Do things you love doing now, too!  It is very important to make room for joy and laugher in your life.  Otherwise, you could quite possibly go crazy!  Create the space, and practice whatever that looks like for you.

Bring everything else back to basics.  Food, water, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness.  This will help your physical body acclimate to everything happening within and around us.

Don’t forget to ask your Angels and Guides for help!  They are ALWAYS there.  Just remember to ask!

You can do this.

Sending Much Love & Light,