Happy Spring!

Between the Full Moon in Virgo last Friday, and the Spring Equinox on Sunday, we’ve had quite the energy boost!  Anything that is not in alignment with your Higher Self, or New Earth, is being swept out and away with this energy!  BUT.. you still need to do the work!  The universe is fully supporting new relationships, new living arrangements, new careers, new business adventures, new family dynamics, and new mindsets!  “Out with the old, and in with the new”.  Declutter your spaces.  Donate older clothes or toys.  Create a new daily routine.  This Ascension REQUIRES you to make changes.  Changes are good, it means you’re growing!  It also means a leap closer to the New Earth systems.  You must make decisions from a place of trust and not fear, in order to get there.

Globally, the unawakened ones can no longer run from truths.  Everyone must learn the magnitude at which humanity has been deceived.  There is no short cut or way around it.  This is inevitable.  It is required in order to fully shed the matrix structure.  We will need patience for those who have been choosing not to see it.  

For Awakened ones, you need to truly connect with your Higher Selves at this time.  Be in your own energy whenever you can.  You need to fully understand what your soul energy is going through, without the clutter of others.  How do you feel?  What are you purging?  Where are you still holding on?  Do you need help understanding?  Where are you moving towards?  This is the time to focus!

The Highest Frequency Lightworkers have jumped into a new vibration altogether.  It is needed to hold the energetic grid here.  This energy is intense and not many can handle it.  This weekend gave a HUGE activation to this group in the collective!  Third eyes and crowns fully opening.  Stay grounded!

For the Collective as a whole, Ascension symptoms are felt mainly in the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra this week.  While you may have continued symptoms in your upper chakras, the lower chakras are clearing out and renewing with a new vibrational element.  Follow your body and give it what it’s asking for!  Eat as clean as possible, drink plenty of filtered water, move your energy with yoga or walking, spend time under the healing sun, meditate, and be mindful of your thoughts!  This will aid your physical self during the transformation.

Humanity is going through such a rebirth!  We are getting rid of the lower vibrational energy systems and bringing in such a beautiful new frequency.  It truly is amazing!  All of your personal work, standing in your power and speaking your truth is making it happen!

Allow yourself to fully shed the old programming.  Let it go!  You are safe.  The universe has our back.

Much Love,