Happy Spring!

The Collective has various levels of activations taking place within the crown chakra.  Physical symptoms may include head spaciness, brain fog, dizziness, head pressure, head pains, sinus issues, third eye pressure, runny nose, or ear pressure.  Depending on where you fall on your Awakening journey, you will take in this energy differently.  Support your crown chakra by wearing purple, eating purple fruits and vegetables, wearing purple gems, and surrounding yourself with purple stones when you sleep.  You also need to ground this energy.  Spend at least 20 minutes a day in the sunshine, take walks or sit in nature, and meditate in solitude.  All major bodies need to integrate this high vibrational energy!

Some of you are too much in your headspace.  Pull back from anything disrupting your energy field!  It’s ok to take time away from current events, people, or situations that are not resonating with your Higher Self.  In fact, it’s necessary.

Some of you are at a fork in the road.  Your choice determines your spiritual growth.  Choose wisely.

Many of you are in need of role models or mentors.  They keep showing me that angel card.  You just need a little guidance to help you on your journey.  Whether it’s Holistic Living, or another coaching platform, you need to embrace this path.  Educate yourself and allow yourself to expand!  Now is the time.

I see many celebrations ahead for Humanity!  We will look back on this time in History with awe.  Remember, this is a very short blip in our Akashic Record.  Short, but very important.

Make it count!

Much Love,