Happy 4/4 Portal!

What Intense energy this is!  With this portal energy this week, we will see another shift in consciousness within the Collective.  This always comes with some hostile energy.  If you are experiencing this with those around you, please understand it is not personal.  They are either fighting their ego death or fighting their ascension journey.  Please keep STRONG boundaries, clear your energy, and cleanse your energy all day, each day.  This is how you keep your frequency from dropping.

Some of you are feeling ‘stuck’ either within your career, or a relationship.  Sit with yourself and ask your Guides what you need to do different.  It usually starts by shifting your thought process.  Then begin to figure out where your passion lies.  Ask yourself many questions, write lists, research.  Work towards that!  We are still on a physical plane, so action is required.  If you are looking for change, then you must change something.  The something is usually yourself. 

This energy is forcing us to look at all of this.  There is no way around it.  You MUST have patience during this entire process.  This isn’t an overnight flip.  You must work at it every single day.  Your Higher Self is always there to Guide you.  Pull strength from that energy.

Ascension symptoms this week can include extreme fatigue, dehydration, headaches, head pressure, third eye pressure, throat irritation, throat pressure, chest pressure, itchy skin, lower back pain and body cramps.

We are upgrading our bodies with Light codes, activations, and DNA changes.  This can feel very intense!  Give yourself extra downtime, both mentally and physically.  You need it!

This is a good week to manifest!  Picture exactly what you want your life to look like and then take action!  The universe will handle the rest.

Much Love and Light,


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