Happy Easter Week!

WOW!  Gaia has leveled up once again!  It’s up to YOU whether you level up with her, or not.  This is when you see who chose New Earth and who did not.  I am guided to share we will have another wave of exits with this Easter energy.  Be mindful, not fearful.  Some simply cannot hold this frequency, and that is ok.  It’s in their Divine plan.  Keep that in mind!

The Collective is experiencing a massive ego death.  Ego as in ‘edging God out’.  Source Light will point out what you still need to focus on.  While this can bring anxiety for some, it brings relief for others.  Follow your guidance and intuition.  You simply cannot run anymore.  You must face it.  Allow yourself to be in the flow!

Some of you need to sit and plan.  I see career changes ahead.  This requires research, writing, lists, etc. Get started!  Action is required this week.

Ascension symptoms this week may feel similar to last week.  The crown chakra and throat chakra will be affected the most.  Wear purples or blues, eat natural purple or blue foods, surround yourself with purple or blue gems.  Make sure you are keeping firm boundaries!  Speaking your truth, keeping a distance when needed.  Your angels need you to focus on seeking solitude, when possible, meditating, and laughing!  All equally important!

The dream world is a bit all over the place this week.  We are connecting on Higher levels of consciousness now.  Take notes, write down feelings, and look up answers.  Some of this is direction for you.  Remember!

Globally, I see more awakened souls than ever before.  This is truly where our power resides!

There will be an exciting shift this week for humanity.  I see a breakthrough moment for us.  It will happen at a fast pace.  I feel passion ignited and new developments.  What could this be?

Much Love & Light,


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