Happy Monday!

The Full Moon this weekend affected everybody differently.  Some are VERY triggered, some are very tired, while some feel ok.  It depends where your frequency resides and how much shadow work you’ve done.

However, there is a calmness and a simplicity to this week’s energy.  Your guides are asking you to bring it back to basics.  Focus on YOU.  Get into a comfortable routine of clean eating & drinking, moderately exercising, sleeping well, meditating, and saving a little time for yourself.  This is what the energy is calling for right now.  We need to allow ourselves to be able to receive this energy coming in.

Remember to follow your own intuition and discernment with everything and everyone.  Follow your heart and what feels right to you!

Patience dear ones!  Allow everything to unfold in Divine Order.  If you are triggered by this, then you need to address that and make a personal change of some kind.  Being rushed and impatient is a heavy ego trait.  Allow yourself to be in the universal flow, this is where the magic happens!

The Universe will reward those on their Ascension Journey, speaking their truth with integrity.  

Archangel Raphael is here helping Humanity process and heal during our awakening journey.  Call upon him at any time!

Balance Balance Balance.  Where are you out of balance, they’re asking?  Ask your guides for help, and then take action! 


This is a process we are all in.  It takes ‘time’ and patience.  It requires you to hold yourself accountable.  It requires you to be uncomfortable.  It requires you to be brutally honest with yourself.  It requires you to research, make life changes, find mentors and learn as much as you can!  None of this has an end.  We continue to evolve in every dimension.  Energy doesn’t die, it only changes form.  You take it all with you when you exit each life.  The experiences, the lessons, the love, the energy, the creations.. they are imprinted within your soul.  

Make it count.

Much Love & Light,



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