Happy Monday!

Welcome to Eclipse season!  You may already be feeling the effects but beginning April 30th Eclipse energy is with us until mid-May.  This brings emotional rollercoasters, old traumas surfacing, shadow sides being shown, and redirections.  The best way to ride this wave is to be in the flow.  If you feel the need to cry, cry.  If you need to be alone, create time for that.  If you need to have a conversation about past trauma, please do so.  Whatever it is that you need to heal to create balance, do it!  This is the time!  Karmic wheels are turning.  The universal energy is supporting the Light stronger than ever!  Can you feel that?

The chakras affected most this week are crown, throat, and heart.  There are a lot of DNA upgrades coming in through the crown chakra, so you may feel dizzy at times.  Akashic purges and the need to clearly communicate are affecting our throat chakra.  Heart chakra cracks and expansions are happening everywhere!  Remember, support each chakra with their associated color.

A portion of the Collective are still in their headspace creating fear, anxiety, stress, and irritation.  Be mindful if you are surrounded by some of this.  Ground, clear, and shield every single day!  If you yourself feel ‘off’ in any way, address it and listen to your body AND INTUITION.  Humanity is being psychologically reprogrammed by the Light, so there is so much sword energy happening.  Don’t allow yourself to be caught in those mental loops we’ve talked about.  Look within for answers.

You may feel the need for extra rest this week.  There are so many layers to the changes taking place as we speak.  Sometimes it’s hard to find words to describe what they show me.

You are all incredibly powerful magical beings!  Anything or anyone that says otherwise needs to leave your space.

Remember, go within.

Much Love & Light,



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