Happy Monday!

We are still in major energies this week!  With Mercury Retrograde starting tomorrow, it’s important to be mindful when communicating.  Conversing with those at a different frequency may be difficult.  Keep your distance, if need be, create firm boundaries, and possibly hold off on legalities with others until after June 3rd.  Electronics and cars tend to be fussy.  Carry extra necessities in your vehicle to be on the safe side.  Be mindful, not fearful.  Remember to use your visualization techniques!

Since the 5/5 energy portal, many are upgrading and entering a new frequency space.  This will bring more balance and clarity to your life.  With 5’s, we have change.  Let change take place as it needs to so you can move forward.  Flow with it, learn from it, grow because of it.

Transformational shifts are taking place for Humanity now.

Patience is required, pull from strength within, ground every day, keep your daily routine simple and high vibrational, extra downtime is necessary, and laughter!

Call on Runner Guides to help when you need something in the earth realm, especially.  Archangel Michael and Raphael are working constantly for humanity.  Call upon them as needed and remember to thank them!

There is a joyful energy if you will align with the frequency, you can feel it.  Anchor into that!

Magical souls- you have everything you need.  You can do this.

Much Love and Light,


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