Happy Full Moon!

Magical Souls- This week’s energy is going to be incredibly intense and may appear to some as aggressive.  We have the Full Moon tonight, we are in Eclipse Season, and still in Mercury Retrograde until June 3rd.  The combination of energy is bringing balance for the good of Humanity I’m hearing.  While it may be rough, it is needed to Ascend and clear out all lower vibrational energies within the world’s systems.  Get Ready.

We have soul contracts ending and being released, some are stepping into their soul’s mission now, decisions to be had, and sacrifices to be made.  These are all to realign humanity.  Remember this as we move through the coming weeks..

Some of you need to clear the past in order to move forward.  Many have not even begun their shadow work.. or they think they have..

There is a lot of overthinking within the collective happening.  Remember what we talked about regarding thoughts vs feelings.  Let your gut feeling lead the way vs your conscious mind.

Your vibration is your superpower.  That should be one of your top priorities at this time!

Ascension symptoms will be felt in your head, throat, and chest.  You may also be purging through your lower chakras and throat.  Where you feel it is where you need to focus and release.

Ground, clear, and shield your energy every single day.  Do the self-work.  Practice patience.  You can do this.


I am sending extra Love & Light to Humanity,


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