Happy Monday!

Words cannot describe the Light coming through to humanity as we speak.  You can feel the intensity, the crown chakra pressure, and the emotions of it.  Let anything that is not in alignment with your Higher Self and God be released.  Balance is being restored.  Karmic Justice is here.  Hostilities are being removed.  Keep yourself grounded, clear & shield your energy and speak firm boundaries.  Any chains tying you down are released.  New patterns and routines will be established.  

Chakras to be the most affected are Crown, Third eye, Throat, and Heart.  Wherever you are feeling the energy, address it so it can be released.  Don’t attach anxiety or fear to it.  Be in your power.  

Secrets are being revealed on an individual and global level.  Systemic Corruption is for all to see. Many soul contracts ending, while some are just beginning.  Use discernment.  Always follow your Guides. 


Much Love,