Happy Full Moon!

The Energy this week will come in waves.  It may be very calm one day, and chaotic or erratic the next.  There is much confusion in the collective right now.  Many are realizing a lot is not what is appears to be.  Patience is so very important as humanity shifts!  I am Guided to add that people need to get more organized!  ‘Spring Cleaning’ is a great way to clear out not only the physical, but the energetic clutter as well.  This is how you make a new path for yourself!

This weeks energy brings a full purge of your lower chakras.  These symptoms may include: stomach irritation and pains, bladder issues, lower back misalignment, and sleep disruption.  You may feel the need to increase your intake of greens, so please do!  Trust your body knows what it’s doing and it needs the proper fuel.

Your Guides have been trying to get your attention, but you are missing their signs.  When you ask for help, Listen and Look for answers!  I’m shown a notebook and pen.  They are asking you to write down any dreams, random thoughts, or number symbols you keep seeing and follow their meaning.  They are trying to give you information in those forms.  Follow the Guidance you receive, as your angels are supporting you in ways you cannot imagine.

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Sending So Much Love and Light To You