Happy June!

With the 6/6 portal yesterday, there was a collective cleansing that took place.  You may have felt emotional, physically drained, relieved, scattered, comforted, or joyful.  Ancestral patterns were released, and karmic cycles came to a close. There was a Collective Purge and Archangel Raphael is here to help.  This balance allowed humanity to further Ascend.

This brought ascension symptoms of headaches/head pressure, third eye pain/pressure, throat irritation, heavy chest, stomach issues, back pain, extreme fatigue, dehydration, heavy appetite, and random aches.  Be easy with your physical self this week.  Our bodies are doing A LOT for us during this process.  We must do the same in return and feed it high vibrational drinks and foods and get extra rest.

My guides are saying the Collective guidance is to stand in your power and have strong boundaries, be honest with yourself, practice third eye techniques to strengthen your intuition, allow yourself room for fun, and to always ask them for help!

Remember.. we are at the stage now where anyone or anything that is not standing in the Light, must exit this space.  For others, there will be towers or revelations.  For some, you are being asked to hold the light and space for those around you.  You are all ready.

And so it begins.

Much Love & Light,



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