Happy Monday!

What an energy we are in!  June is a month of shifts.  It is meant to redirect us to provide balance.  In order to receive universal abundance, you must BE IN THE FLOW.  This means being patient, not resisting, surrendering control, the list goes on!  One must be honest with themselves.  You must take yourself out of it and see things from the higher perspective.  This means keeping your ego at bay.  Much of the collective struggles with this.  I assure you it is the fastest way to raise your vibration.  Be mindful and self-aware.  

The majority of the collective is WAY too much in their headspace, it makes me dizzy tapping in.  You need to be able to recognize when you’re in your own way.  The make a change, and allow the universe to step in 😉

Please remember to clear your energy every single day.  Energetically cut cords, take salt baths, and sage.  Humanity is going through a lot at the moment.  We need to keep our energy fields clear and physical selves healthy.

Seeking solitude, praying, and meditating is how you learn to discern energy.  There is no way around this.  You must practice a little bit each day!

The sacral and heart chakras are balancing and expanding.  The sacral chakra is needed for creativity, birthing, and connecting with your passion.  While your heart chakra is where healing takes place and allows you to connect directly to source.  Ground and breathe through it.  If you are having difficulties, there is something that needs to be addressed.  I can help in a private reading if you are having trouble.  This is an intense time of clearing, balancing and redirecting.

Your guides are acknowledging you for being here.  Being present.  Being aware.  Healing.  Ascending.  They are giving you a pat on the back, keep going!

This global process requires much patience.  The guidance is to focus less on what you’re hearing, what you’re seeing or what other people are doing… and focus more on YOU.  What do you need to master to further ascend?  Where is your passion?  Are you loving unconditionally, while creating healthy boundaries?  Are you visualizing new earth?  Humanity is creating the future as we go.  This is why it is CRUCIAL to put your energy into those things… and never mind anything else.  

Much Love,



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