Happy July!

As we saw with this month’s Tarot Read, July is going to be HUGE for energy shifts.  Not only are we taking in immense light, but we are also upgrading our physical bodies.  Our heart chakras are transforming, wear green.  We are also purging and upgrading our sacral chakras, wear orange.

Other Ascension symptoms can include: throat and ear pressure, chest heaviness, third eye pressure, lightheadedness, extreme fatigue and thirst.

This week is the 7/7 Angel portal.  Portals are always a good time to do a release letter to burn and focus on your visualization techniques.  The collective is manifesting as we go!  This means that what you put your energy into, forms faster than ever before.  So, make sure your thoughts, words, and actions are high vibrational! 

We are all on our individual personal journey.  Choose the wisest route for yourself at this time.  Listen to your heart space.  

This week we will see people and situations for what they truly are and will need to stand in our power to make adjustments.  Some of you will be re-routed I’m hearing.  Follow your immediate gut feeling.  Always.  Do not make decisions out of fear, as they will only create karma.  Stand true to yourself and keep moving forward.

I see many soul mates finding each other!  More soul families reuniting! What a beautiful energy this is :)

Do not worry, what is yours cannot be taken.  The universe must provide, it is divine order.

Do not forget to laugh!  Your inner child needs it. 

Much Love and Light,



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