Happy Monday!

This week’s energy feels like we should focus on rest & rejuvenation.  This will allow our energy to be recharged and clear the way for what’s right ahead.  There are MANY energy upgrades taking place as we speak.  Our physical bodies need the downtime to adjust.  If you feel tired, rest or sleep.  It will help many of you stay grounded through this transition.  If you feel lightheaded or spacey at times, that is most likely your crown taking in this incredibly high frequency light.  Understand, what does not resonate with this energy will simply fall off. 

Soul families and soulmates will continue to find each other.  Ask and you shall receive in divine order.   

Patience, faith, truth and love are what humanity is learning now.  It happens in everyone’s personal time and way.  But it is happening!

Follow your Guides direction.  They are assigned to you for a reason.  Let them in!  Practice your intuitive skills now.  Trust the universe, trust your higher self, and trust everything will turn out how it is supposed to.  

Let go and Let God.

Much Love,


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