Happy Monday!

This week feels like many truths will be revealed.  We are walking away from the old world. It’s no longer. There will be false scenarios on the world stage this week to get humanity to discern and open their eyes! The key is to stay grounded. Do not let yourself get emotionally attached to what you hear or see. Let your OWN intuition be your guidance system.  Stay within your heart space.  Remaining balanced, at all times, is the fastest way to connect with the higher realms.  This also means being truthful with yourself and others.  

Release anything deemed out of your control and surrender it up to the Universe!

The angels are asking us to be patient, playful, and connect with what we LOVE!  That is the theme of this week’s energy. By doing this, we begin to manifest and co-create our new earth together. This is how new earth forms. Our wish is coming true, and we will be incredibly abundant within every system!  

You may feel heavy ascension symptoms with these upgrades that include extreme fatigue, extreme thirst, appetite increase, heavy chest, lightheadedness or feeling spacey, throat irritation, and stiff muscles.  The need to do yoga or walk is called for.  We need to move our full chakra system around.

Continue to get as much rest as you can.  Practice your intuitive skills (including clearing your energy).  Ask your Higher self and Guides for help.  Last, but not least, focus on your visualization techniques!

It’s Time.  We are here.


Much Love & Light,


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