Happy Last Week of July!

This week will be very intense leading up to the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8!

We have intense light code activations taking place within our physical bodies.  This happens by high vibrational energy being absorbed through our crown chakras.  You could possibly feel spacey, lightheaded, ungrounded, anxious and extremely tired.  Grounding outside will be necessary.  Seeking solitude will be necessary.  Resting will be necessary.  This is all to get your physical body to be able to withstand 5D and then 7D consciousness here on new earth.  

Those who choose to stay within the 3D density will experience illness and extreme hardship.  This in inevitable.  New Earth is a higher frequency.  Therefore, if you do not ascend with it, you will be forced outward into a different learning space, similar to the matrix in a way.  This is why I stress how important your frequency is!  If you are struggling, please book a Private Reading, or look into our Coaching Packages.  This is what we are here for!

We are shifting direction now.  This is the time to take action.  The higher you raise your frequency, the higher timeline you jump to.  This in turn, changes the sequence of events that happens in this lifetime!  Focus on Spirituality.  Keep your physical routine as simple and clean as possible.  This will allow your physical self to adjust better!

Your Guides are very proud of how well you are doing during this transformation!  Remember, your Higher Self is always there helping you.  Ask for messages and direction!

The key during these global changes is to stay calm, and out of fear.  All is well dear souls. 


Much Love & Light to You,