Happy 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal!

This week is the strongest energy portal of the year!  This year in particular is incredibly intense due to how high earth’s frequency has become.  The need to stay balanced and grounded is crucial.  Our physical bodies are quickly upgrading.  You may feel lightheaded, crown and third eye pressure, throat pressure, chest pressure, extreme fatigue & thirst, and just a general feeling of spaciness.  There is no need to feel anxious, as we control what happens with our physical bodies.  

The Collective may feel it strongly within the Heart Chakra this week.  If you feel like you are struggling with this, move your energy around.  Again, the need to anchor into the physical is important for grounding this energy into mother earth.

You may be releasing old emotional patterns or wounds.  Let it go!  Soul Contracts are ending during this time.  Be in the flow.

This is a very powerful energy to manifest in!  Please utilize your visualization techniques during meditation!  What do you want for this life of yours?  What do you want new earth to look like?  Picture it all!  Feel the joy, peace, and love behind it.  We are creating as we go magical souls!

New Karmic cycles begin now.

God’s Justice is here.  Stand in source Light while it plays out.


Sending Love and Light,


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