Happy Monday!

WOW!  Between the 8/8 portal and full moon, we have hit a breakthrough moment!

The Collective is integrating very high vibrational energy, both on a soul level and physical level.  This may feel like anxiety at times.  As we’ve talked about before, the need to ground yourself and shield your energy is crucial for getting through this phase!  Meditate, whichever way connects you best, and learn how your guides connect with you.  They will help you along the way.  Don’t forget to ask!

There are different groupings within the Collective.  Some are heavy into grieving, in more ways than one.  Some feel very stuck, in more ways than one.  Some are helping with earth’s ascension, in more ways than one.  Wherever one falls, you must continue to rise your frequency.  This is your superpower!  Frequency is health, currency, abundance, love and creation.  Keep focus!

Humanity will continue to anchor ourselves in truth.  This cannot be blocked, stopped or removed by any means.  Don’t worry!

Ascension symptoms vary based on frequency.  Some may feel heavy fatigue, while some may experience huge energy surges.  The most common symptoms may include headaches or dizziness, chest pressure, stomach issues, appetite changes, extreme thirst, muscle stiffness and itchy skin.  Give your body what it needs.  Take breaks as you need to, without guilt.

We have a huge job for the cosmos with this Ascension!  It is so much bigger than I can explain in words.. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Much Love to You,


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