Happy Virgo Season!

This New Moon energy has a lot surfacing for the Collective!  Virgo energy is very feminine and Intuitive.  It will shine a light on anything NOT aligned within those areas.  This includes topics of mother wounds, childhood traumas, repressed anger, and/or sacral chakra purges.  Get ready!

Due to the fact that Virgos are ruled by the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, you will purge anything that does not reside in a higher frequency.  Support will be needed, both energetically and physically.  This means going easy on your stomach, and supporting the ‘womb space’, if you are a female.  Wear orange and yellow gems, eat orange and yellow foods, and focus on energetically clearing those chakras.  Archangel Raphael is here to help you bring full healing and balance.

The solar plexus chakra asks us to stand in our personal power!  While the sacral chakra needs us to be creative.  Birth new ideas.  Get in touch with the artsy side of ourselves.  Build something new.  Let that energy flow through you.  It will serve you well now.


Some of you are at a crossroads in your career.  Ask your angels for guidance and pay attention to their answer.  Financial burdens can lift in this Virgo energy.

Anyone feeling the towers this week have been running from their “shadow work”.  It will hit some like a ton of bricks.  Be mindful!

Try to stay out of your headspace, ground, meditate, and get extra rest.

Humanity is going through a beautiful transformation as we speak.  Much like giving birth, it can be painful, but WELL worth it!  Unconditional love, peace, joy and abundance are on the other side of this.

Much Love & Light,


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