Happy First Week of September!

This energy is very shifty!  With the new moon in Virgo, we are being asked to reorganize our lives.  Anything that does not align with a higher purpose must go.  In addition, we continue to integrate light codes and change our DNA structure to fit the higher vibration of Earth.  During this process, it is common that lower vibrational energies lurk within the fields nearby.  As humanity continues to ascend, anything of a denser frequency is released.  It is easy for that trickster energy to mess with your field while it’s wondering about. That is why we need to stay grounded, cleared, and shielded at all times.  Be mindful, never fearful.  We need to be extra aware of our ego at this time as well.  Remember, nothing can enter your field that you do not accept.

As a Collective, we need to stay in our power!  Walk away from anything not serving your Higher Self.  Put up boundaries as needed.  Stay out of your headspace.  Focus on what brings you Joy.  Visualize and feel the peace of it.  If you are a parent, focus on teaching your children about the angels and how to use techniques for themselves.  When you do these things, it not only helps you, but all of humanity!

This week it is common to feel: loopy in your crown chakra or have mild headaches, anxious, lonely, very tired, very thirsty, the need to clean or declutter, the need to revamp your home or workspace, the need to give yourself a “makeover”, the need to finalize contracts or legal issues, and the need for solitude!

Ascension symptoms may vary based on the individual.  Try to ground, or work on something very earthy in those moments.  Our angels are asking the Collective to PUSH THROUGH this phase.  Furthermore, Lightworkers have trained lifetimes for this.  You are born for it.  You can do it!

Don’t forget to laugh with grace and have fun along the way!  Otherwise, what’s the point?

Much Love and Light,