Happy Easter Monday!

The Collective Energy this week feels a bit heavy.  They are showing me the ‘Broken Heart’ Oracle Card.  This has different levels of meanings to it.  We are not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship, but the feeling of a heavy heart none the less.  There are either people, jobs, or routines we are leaving behind.  So there is a sense of loss of what was.  This will bring on a grieving process for some.  Life in the Matrix is breaking down for everybody right now.  For those vibrating at a higher frequency, we are already living within the new consciousness.  I am particularly referring to those who are more rooted in the 3D that may have a difficult time transitioning.  Staying grounded is most important!

The energy upgrades we are feeling this week can be felt as a heavy chest, heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure, and throat chakra tightness.  Surrounding yourself with, wearing, or eating foods that are either greens or blues will aid in this process.

Third eye chakras are opening with the new energy coming in.  You may feel pressure in your third eye space, slight dizziness, headaches, or a quick jolt of energy in your head.  These are all common symptoms.

“Out with the old and in with the NEW”.  New beginnings are right in front of you.  Your soul is aligning with where you are supposed to be at this time.  All you need is the courage to follow it.

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Sending So Much Love & Light To You