Happy Labor Day!

The energy being poured into Earth is incredibly powerful!  Our physical selves are being forced to upgrade its structure.  This may have your crown and third eye chakras feeling very uncomfortable.  The higher your frequency, the more energy you are taking in, and the more ungrounded or spacey you may feel.  This is why it is SO important to be in tune with your own guidance system.  Spend as much time in nature under the sun as you can.  Make sure to meditate, clear with salt baths and energy work, and seek solitude at times.

Common symptoms this week are feeling overly emotional, anxiety, crown and third eye pressure or headaches, heart palpitations, stomach upset, muscle aches or pains, shift in sleep patterns, lucid dreaming, and shift in appetite.

There are also waves of extreme Joy pouring in with this vibration!  You may feel showered with happy emotions, gratitude, and laughter.  Anchor into those moments, dear ones.  This is the frequency of 5D consciousness and above.  A constant state of Peace.

Since the Lion’s Gate Portal, everything has been intensified.  Therefore, with Virgo Season, this also means anything that needs to be cleared out will be thrown in your face.  This requires change of some kind.  Do not fight it.  Flow with it.  Trust the universe.  Trust in God Source.  Trust your soul’s path.

A new direction may be called for now.  Listen to your Intuition.

Much Love,



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