Happy Libra Season!

Balance, patience, and rest are the themes of the week!

Harvest season is a time to take what you’ve gained during summer and integrate it for balance.  With all of the planets ending retrograde this month, we have big shifts taking place in the physical space.  This will force you to clear out anything from the past that has been coming up for clearing.  Be mindful of triggers, the need to enforce boundaries, and a feeling of grief.  These are circulating within the collective energy this week.

I feel many families shifting around.  I feel loss, heartache, and emotional releasing taking place.  This is bound to happen with where we are currently at in the Ascension Process, as a whole.  It is important to remember that each soul has their own plan.  Everyone has their own journey to take, and we cannot get in the way of another’s growth.  The angels and guides will assist.

Some of you need to stay out of your head space, as you are overthinking from a fearful frequency.

There is much information that the collective will need to absorb related to “authority” figures.  This education is needed for some in order to get to the next phase in their ascension journey.  Patience is required for everyone else.

Lightworkers are putting in overtime in multiple realms, whether they realize it or not.  If you are extra drained, rest more.

The chakras possibly affected this week are the crown, throat, heart, and sacral.  You may feel physical symptoms in these areas.  Please give your body what it needs.  Wear particular gems, eat the coordinated foods, ground, and let your creativity through.  These are ways to assist the chakras into realignment.  If you are having trouble, I can assist you during a Private Reading.

Decisions are needed this week, as they have a major impact on your timeline.

‘Time’ is ramping up!  You may have noticed a while ago, or you may be feeling it more recently.  Either way, since earth is at a higher dimension than humanity, sometimes it takes a bit longer to feel it in the physical.

Above all else, practice gratitude and joy.  These are of the highest frequency and can aid you tremendously!

Sending Love & Light,


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