Happy October!

The energy update from last week still stands in this week’s energy!

With Mercury going direct yesterday, communication was a bit scattered.  The energy felt jumpy!  We are now integrating high vibrational timelines into our lives, which in turn, rids anything that doesn’t align.  It can also place you in the middle of a power lesson you needed to learn for growth.  We must master each frequency before we can ascend to the next.  We cannot take fear with.

Heart Chakras and Throat Chakras are being affected this week.  Do what you need to support healing at this time.  Give yourself space and grace.

Fostering your inner child and doing what benefits your soul is needed now.  Give yourself the attention you need.

People around you may be struggling with their Ascension journey.  That is their responsibility, not yours!  Remember not to take things personally, as it is solely a reflection of their frequency space.

My Higher Self shows me much shifting of souls taking place.  We are being “grouped”, if you will, based on vibration.  This is necessary for moving forward in the ‘New Earth’ plan.  Everyone has their own journey, and we cannot judge, only support when needed. 

We are being guided to rest this week.  Foster our physical selves.  Learn as much about Spiritual teachings as possible now.  Your soul will greatly benefit, as will your physical health.

Follow your first intuitive feel on a situation. Don’t second guess yourself.

Sending Extra Love & Light,


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