Happy 10/10 Portal!

Today’s Energy Portal may have you feeling extra exhausted!  Rest as much as you are able.  Seek solitude.  We are still in the full moon energy from yesterday, so emotions are high.  Be mindful of anxiety and overthinking.  Pray and visualize! 

Third eyes are expanding with Archangel Metatron’s assistance.  You may notice an increase in your intuition or pick up on frequent “coincidences”.  Take notes and follow your gut instinct.  Wear deep blue gems if you’re experiencing headaches or head pressure.

Decisions need to be made for some of the Collective.  What will you do?  Choose from a place of power, not fear.

We have another wave of sleepers waking.  They will be upset, angry, frustrated, and fearful.  It is important to remember to hold space, without judgement.  Everyone has their own path, in their own time.  

There are a lot of light codes, activations, and restructuring taking place on a physical level.  In addition, our souls are hard at work in other realms.  This is why we may feel extreme fatigue, itchiness, dehydration, and appetite changes.  Give your body what it needs.

Balance Balance Balance. 

More systemic shifts happening this week.  Keep it in the back of your mind when you hear false stories whirling around you.  Know everything is falling into place.

Please give yourself Grace this week.  Do something for YOU.


Much Love to you,