Happy Monday!

Last night I was shown by my guides how truly biblical of a shift this is!  They were very insistent on me tapping into this energy and getting the full picture.  Lightworker souls are hard at work transmuting low vibrational energies, shielding the collective grid, and holding the frequency space while we transfer over.  THIS IS NO EASY TASK!  Everyone signed up for their own part to play in this.  You should be so proud of yourself!

Rest, drink extra filtered water, eat high vibrational foods, limit synthetic sugars, remove alcohol, ground in nature, and clear your energy!  Those are critical to get through this process as smoothly as possible.  Your guides need to connect with you without outside interference.

Heart chakra symptoms may still be felt, along with crown and sacral.  As always, wear gems to help support.  Take an Epsom salt bath as needed.  Lucid dreams are strong this week, as well as messages from guides, or visits from loved ones!

I am guided to give the message of generosity this week especially.  If you can give to others by helping energetically, donating monetarily if possible or donating needed items, share your time, or lend a helping hand somehow… the universe will reward you multiplied!  This is under universal law and divine order.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  A part of the collective has a choice to make.  Stand in your power and choose the highest timeline!  If you choose from a fearful space, you will only get more of which you fear.  It’s the law of attraction.

Your guides want to acknowledge the progress you’ve made thus far!  They see you and continue to want the best for your soul’s evolution, here on earth.

Take solitude as needed this week if you feel overwhelmed, or in need of clarity!


Sending Extra Light,