Happy Halloween!

With All Hallows’ Eve, we start the week with a blend of energy.  This can feel tricky at times, as some will be met with challenges, while others acquiring abundance.

We are in retrograde season, which illuminates anything not in alignment with your higher timeline.  On the flip side of this, we are still upgrading our physical bodies.  The combination of all of this can feel quite exhausting!  Extra rest and patience will be required.

Staying grounded and well-nourished will be key this week.  We will really need to anchor into our lower chakras!  The root chakra and sacral chakra need to be nurtured this week.  Connect with your inner child.  Allow yourself to lighten up. This aids so much during your Ascension journey.

We have third eyes further expanding.  This can be felt with pressure in your forehead, nose, and even face.  Asking Archangel Metatron for help is a good idea!  We may suddenly be able to sense things we could not before.  Foster that.  Give yourself the space to practice and meditate.

Pray.  Ask your Guides for clear direction, and then pay attention.  The Higher Realms can help you more if you ask.  Given free will, you need to remember to ALWAYS ask.  Your Higher Selves are also waiting for your request.

Our souls communicate with us more than we realize.  It is the driver most times, and we are not consciously aware.  Once you are actively on your Ascension Journey and your frequency begins to rise, you feel their direction more.  If you are not as aware as you’d like to be, then you must re-direct yourself.

We have a huge collective shift this week.  This will allow things to balance out for the entire world.  It doesn’t mean we won’t be met with some hiccups, however.  The important thing to remember is NOT to fear. 

My Guides have been showing me scales all weekend.  I know this is a huge power shift for humanity.  Wait for it.  444, 9999.


Much Love & Light,